Branding & brand identities

I truly believe that it’s all about good design.

– Designing a strong brand, strong visual identity, strong content and services.

This is my goal when designing brand identities. Brands with strong brand identity, strong visual identity and inspiring story is more likely to success than others.

Via my branding & brand identity service you get a clear picture about your core business and your brand.

Based on the process you get a brand guide which include your business’s key competences, values, vision, mission and tone of voice. Brand guide also includes a graphic guide, which help you to tell your story visually.

Brand identity

  • Core of business

  • Competences

  • Customer promise

  • Values, vision & mission

  • Tone of voice

  • Visual identity (What’s visual identity? Read more here.)

How do you want to be seen and what kind of story you want to tell?

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